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Frequently asked questions

Who is KN1 for?

KN 1 is designed for people from all walks of life and age groups. The only real pre-requisite is an open mind and a willingness to work hard towards your goals.

How does the payment work?

We charge on a monthly basis. You will be charged SGD$90 to start the program. Subsequent charges will be made monthly on the same day.

What if I take longer than 6 months to finish the program?

The program is designed and spaced such a way that for most people, 6 months is sufficient for you to gain the confidence you need to be your own coach as you continue on your health and fitness journey. However, should you feel the need to retain our services for coaching advice, we can offer a retainer service for ongoing coaching at a lesser monthly fee.

Can I stop the program at any time?

Yes! We believe strongly in transparency and the quality of our program. However, should you feel that the program is ill suited for you for any reason, you may cancel with us anytime and we will refund you the previous month's fee.

How does the 100% guarantee work?

If after a year with us, you're unhappy with the results you've gotten, we will refund you the whole year's worth of fees. No forms to fill. No questions asked. We do however ask for for you to give us a year of opportunity, to show you what we can do.

Are the 2-week challenges free to join?

Absolutely yes! We understand that 6-months is a long commitment and our 2-week challenges offer you a TASTE of our program and coaching style. Feel free to invite your friends to the challenges as well! All challenges enable you to chat with other people who are currently taking on the challenge for some friendly rivalry.