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At Kairos Nutrition, we believe in sustainable change through habit coaching.

That means no crash diets, and no restrictive diet plans. There are no shortcuts that lead to sustainable change. Only hard work, and time.

That's why our KN Level 1 Program is designed to be undertaken over 6 months. 

We know that 6 months is no small commitment, and even the best of us will struggle to stay motivated.

We are here to give you that motivation. To help you reach your health and fitness goals in a sustainable and effective way, without making you feel guilty or fearful. This programme is meant to push you, but in the most empowering way possible.

KN Level 1

Instead of creating "rules", we create "habits".

Over the next 6 months on KN1, we will partner with you to instill daily habits into your life.

with KN 1 you'll learn:


Appetite Awareness

Learn to differentiate between hunger and other sensations that make you think you are hungry.


one-time launch offer

Available for first 20 sign-ups

2 month preview program

Mobile App

Daily Habit Check-in

Certified Personal Coaching

Learn The Science To Succeed

SGD$90  sgd$45
Per month

KN Level 2

coming soon...

Try out KN1 first!


KN challenges

Not sure if you are mentally prepared for 6 months of habit coaching? 

Get a taste of how our KN coaching works through one of our FREE 2 week challenges.

Feel free to challenge your friends, and compete to be the most successful in the challenge!

All you need to do is copy and paste the URL after clicking the "Join Challenge" button, and your friends will be able to participate as well!



Sleep Better

Understanding the power of sleep and how to get as much high-quality sleep as possible.

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