• Head Coach, Desmond de Moussac

3 Reasons Why Diet Rules Don’t Work

Have you ever tried a diet plan with restrictive rules?

”Don’t eat carbs”

”Don’t eat fat”

”Don’t eat after 6 pm”

Most, if not all diet plans revolve around DOs and DON’Ts.

If you’ve tried any of these plans, you will know that while you might have some success in the short term, you‘ll eventually return to your previous habits and diet.

This might cause you to feel like you’re just not disciplined enough like other people, and long-term dieting just isn’t something you can achieve.

Well, it’s really not you.

It's the way diet plans work, or DON’T work in this case.

Here’s 3 reasons why you’re not able to stick to your diet plan, and 3 reasons how you CAN!

Key Takeaways: