• Head Coach, Desmond de Moussac

Why You Should Look Beyond Physical Health | Deep Health

We often define "Being Healthy" as a short-term goal we may have.

I'm healthy if:

"I'm able to run 2.4km in under 10 minutes."

"I have six-pack abs."

"I get to my desired weight."

These are all great physical goals but do not fully encompass what being healthy actually means.

At Kairos Nutrition, we like to go BEYOND physical health and look at all aspects of the human experience.

We refer to this as "Deep Health" (coined by the nutrition certification organization Precision Nutrition).

So what exactly is Deep Health and how do you put it into practice? Let's find out!

Key Takeaways:

Finding balance in all 6 aspects of health is the key to achieving Deep Health.
Have a long-term goal to guide your daily decision making.